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from $130  


scalp lightner        

including toner    

 from $110

full head foils        

including toner

  from $155

½ head foils            

including toner  

  from $110 


permanent roots   

including ends  

  from $100

semi permanent

includes ends

 from $85



ladies cut

includes styling

 from $75 


mens cut

includes styling

 from  $45

**All haircuts include- a shampoo, head massage, blow dry and hot iron styling.

This is a packaged service and the price won't be altered if a part of the package is requested by the client not to be performed.

We believe in our work and to give our clients the best service we like to do a full service this cleans the hair correctly, and we can see it in its natural form cutting wet and/or dry or as per the clients request and always finishing it professionally.**                 

hair up & styling


 from $60



 from $90 



 from $120                              




the rebuilder

from  $35 

exfoliating scalp scrub

from $22

spa clubs

from $17

essential strength

from $30


add a rehab booster 

(concentrated keratin)  

$60 includes take home top up spray  




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